Thisbe Triskelion
Biographical information
  • After the Sundering
  • After the Sundering
  • Deceased
  • Housewife
  • Human (formerly)
  • Female

Thisbe Triskelion was the deceased mother of Astraia and Nyx, wife of Leonidas and Telomache's sister. She had originally died during childbirth, whilst after undoing the Sundering Nyx had objected that Thisbe's death happened due to a sickness. 


Astraia was noted to resemble Thisbe from looks - the same cheerful face surrounded by thick curls. 


Thisbe had always outshined her younger sister, Telomache. Aged sixteen she had been picked Tom-a-Lone's bride, and the next year she was wed to Leonidas Triskelion. The couple could not conceive a child, leaving Thisbe severely depressed. After her suicide attemmpt, Leonidas had gone to the Gentle Lord and begged him for a bargain. Ignifex had granted him his wish and Thisbe became pregnant with twins. However, her body was not fit enough for childbirth; the first daughter had arrived soon, leaving the second one, Astraia, leaving her womb crooked and covered in her mother's blood. The twins' mother died soon after, although after Nyx had undone the Sundering, Thisbe survived a couple of years still before her final death.